Putting positivity and purpose in every step

Taking the humble sock one step further

The humble sock has come a long way from being a piece of clothing that keeps our feet comfy. It is now an accessory that not only puts fun into any outfit, but also expresses your wildest ideas, your unique personalities, and the things that you love most. Here at Talking Toes, we're taking the humble sock one step further by transforming it into a symbol of positive change.

A sock that pulls you up

The personal positive messages at your toes are designed just for you. They stay with you through the ups and downs of life, keeping you in step with the things that matter most.

Igniting positive change one sock at a time

From the purposeful messages behind every sock to the choice of sustainable materials, every pair of Talking Toes inspires positive change for people and our planet.

"In 2011, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. During my lowest moments, I lost sight of the things that were once meaningful to me. Together with a friend, I founded Talking Toes to inspire people to live life with meaning and purpose. We knitted inspirational messages into the toes of every sock, so that every time you look down at your feet, you'll remember the things in life that matter most."

Lucas Saw, Founder of Talking Toes

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